Madonna con Bambino e Santi

Dettagli dell'Opera

Year: 1487
Technique: Table painting

Work Description

On the altar, between a rich and elegant cornice, probably sculpted by Jacopo from Faenza, there is a beautiful polyptych signed by Bartolom eo Vivarini (1487). It represents the Virgin Enthroned with the Child on her knees, surrounded by four Saints: on the right of the Madonna, St. Andrew and next to him St. Nicholas. On the left of the Madonna, St. Peter and St. Paul. In the centre there is a painting of the Madonna Enthroned who is leaning towards the child, sat on a white cushion which rests against the Virgin’s leg. The Virgin’s expression is one of sadness, as though She is anticipating the end of Her Son’s life. A dark green drape covers the back of the marble throne. There is a vase on the floor full of green herbs. In the cyma is the Dead Christ between the symbols of the sepulchre and the cross with the inscription INRI which stands out against a clouded sky. Adriana Augusti states: “ The pale light on a vague background, the shades of red from the lake red of the Virgin’s clothes to the orange red of the saints, yet mixed with the greens and the yellow of St. Paul’s mantle, bring out, in this masterpiece, a sense of extraordinary equilibrium which the artist, probably under the influence of Giovanni Bellini, has fully attained”.

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