Monument dedicated to Blessed Pacifico

Dettagli dell'Opera

Year: 1437
Placing: Right transept

Work Description

The monument is the only important work of art in Venice which is entirely in golden and painted terracotta (1437). It was meant to be the funeral monument for Scipione Bon who had it built during his lifetime. Indeed, in the lower part, crowning the epigraph, are the three insignia of the Bon family. He was benefactor and procurator of the church and donated his sepulchre to the friars for the burial of Blessed Pacifico. Two corbels support a large Florid Gothic arch, embellished with numerous angels and musicians. Above is the painting of the Annunciation, attributed to Giovanni of France or to Zanino di Pietro, whereas at either side are the figures of St. Francis receiving the stigmata and St. Anthony of Padua and St. Ludovico of Anjou Bishop of Toulouse. In the intrados of the arch, there are seventy little lions, symbols of the Serenissima among the stars. Capping the monument is the statue of the Virgin. Whereas on the urn are the figures of the three theological Virtues and in the middle the descent of Christ into Limbo and the Resurrection. To the side are Justice and Temperance. In the lunette is the Baptism of Christ.

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