Monument dedicated to Benedetto Pesaro

Dettagli dell'Opera

Year: 1503
Placing: Right transept
Technique: Marble sculpture

Work Description

The second monument is dedicated to Benedetto Pesaro and adorns the door to the sacristy. He was the Captain of the Venetian fleets and died in 1503 in Corfu. In his will he requested to be buried in the Frari Basilica. His wish was fulfilled and Lorenzo and Giambattista Bregno (16th century) erected this monument upon the commission of Gerolamo Pesaro. Four charming composite columns support the Renaissance monument. Between the columns there are two medal-shaped bas-reliefs depicting the Lion of Venice. On the extension of the two external columns there are the statues of Neptune and Mars which have always been attributed to Baccio from Montelupo, but, according to John Turner, they do not have the hallmark of this artist. Above the central columns there is the urn and the statue of the Captain, armed ready for battle with standard in hand. On the front of the urn are the fortresses of Leucade and Cefalonia, conquered by Pesaro, amid two sailing galleys. In the tympanum, there is the Virgin with the Child, the only religious motif.

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