St. Jerome

Dettagli dell'Opera

Year: 1564
Placing: Right nave
Technique: Marble

Work Description

The statue of St. Jerome and the statues of The Baptist, St Peter, St. Andrew and St. Leonard in stucco and, on the upper pediment, the two supine sibyls ( which resemble the famous statues by Michelangelo in the sacristy of St. Lorenzo in Florence) represent the most important pieces of the artist between 1560 and 1575. Vittoria expresses his most inner self in these works. The St. Jerome (1565) was defined as “one of the most famous works of the 1500s” (Fogolari), imitating Michelangelo’s style. The expression, the realistic likeness to the human form, the strength and finesse demonstrate the introspective talent of the artist. On the plinth, which bears the statue, and on the sibyls on the pediment, is the inscription: “ALEXANDER VICTORIA FACIEBAT”.

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